Fashion Show 2016 - Benito Santos, Daniel Espinosa and Melín Castro

Following the grand success of Fashion Show 2015, the second edition took place on June 10, 2016, featuring Mexican designers like Benito Santos with his exclusive ‘Crucero 2017’ collection and Daniel Espinosa with his ‘Jewels and Art’ collection, accompanied by acclaimed special guest Melín Castro who presented her swimwear line ‘Azul del Mar’.

Benito Santos, originally from Tepehuaje de Morelos, Jalisco, debuted in 2008 with his signature style at Intermoda and became known for the red dress worn by Ximena Navarrete at the Miss Universe coronation in 2010. His revolutionary tailoring style, using new resources, hand embroidery and cutting methods, led him to receive the National Award for Fashion in 2014.

Daniel Espinosa is one of the most avant-garde jewelry designers in Latin America, and has changed the paradigms in the essence of silver, precious and semi-precious stones. His jewelry also features materials such as glass, screens and corks, among others.

Melín Castro, originally from Guadalajara, is president and founder of MC Design; her many projects include the interior design of Velas Resorts. In 2007, she launched her own brand of beachwear, jewelry and accessories: ‘Azul del Mar’. Her list of accolades includes the Interior Design Merit Award in 2014.

Fashion Show 2015 - Alejandro Carlín - Crucero 2016

The first edition of the Grand Velas Fashion Show on September 22, 2015 featured outstanding designer Alejandro Carlín, who dressed the runway in elegance and sophistication with his ‘Crucero 2016’ collection.

Alejandro Carlín was born in Mexico City, and is a graduate of the Maragoni Institute, where he studied Fashion Design and Patterning. He also received a Diploma in Experimental Fashion Design at the Central Saint Martins in London. His brands are ‘Lola de Alejandro’ and ‘Alejandro Carlín’, of domestic and international renown, which have been shown in fashion events such as Fashion Week Mexico.